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1. General
Hydraulic transverse stays are used to shift the natural frequency when resonance can be expected in the normal operating range of the engine.

The applied arrangement enables :
- The adjustability of the pretension force.
- The adaptability to the slow movement of the ship's hull when loading or unloading the ship.

2. Description
The hydraulic lateral fixation device consists of :
- Hydraulic cylinder with differential piston, fitted with hydro accumulator and pressure gauge.
- Stays for lateral fixation of the engine to the ship's structure.
- Adjusting screw, fixed to the engine.

Accessories per ship for single main engine installation
(for multiple main engine installation the engine supplier is to be consulted)

- Hydraulic cylinders either to design 200 or 201 with adjusting screw
Design 200 : Compact execution
Design 201 : Hydro accumulator detached for separate installation (Fittings included, but connection
steel pipe Ø10 x 2 is yard delivery)

- Tester and pressurizer for nitrogen

3. Technical data
Hydraulic cylinder 200/160
1. Mass : about 138kg
2. Piston stroke : ± 15 mm
3. Oil Content : about 2.5 Liter
4. Oil Type : Hydraulic oil HL or HLP
5. Viscosity grade : ISO VG 32/46 (20~30 mm /s at 50℃)
6. Hydropneumatic accumulator type : AS3P330CG0

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