▸The VTU-2100F series ensures Fuel Valve Test for Wartsila diesel engine, model RT-FLEX Series.

▸Fuel Valve Tester to be done by Electric Pump Unit which can perform test of Valve Opening Pressure and Valve leakage.

▸Dismantling and Assembling of Valve Cap Nut to be done by Air Booster Pump.

1. MODEL NO. : VTU-2100F
2. Voltage / Frequency : 3ph × 440V × 60Hz
3. Electric pump
Delivery flow : 4.4L/min at 1720 rpm
Stroke volume: 2.62㎤ / rev.
Electric motor: 3.7kw × 440V × 60Hz
Oil tank capacity: 20 Liter
Pressure setting : Pressure relief valve. Pre - set 400bar
Cartridge valve M22 × 1.5
4. Air booster pump
Outlet pressure: 1500bar at 7bar air input
Max. flow at no pressure: 0.5Liter/min
Pumping speed: APPROX. 417 cycle/min. at 7bar air input
Displacement per cycle: 1.2㎤
Oil tank capacity: Approx. 6Liter

5. Electric motor : Increased Safety Exp.-proof

3.7kw 112S V1, Eg3
4Poly, 3Phase, 440V, 60Hz, Ip54. F-CLASS

6 Weight : Approx. 200kg